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Introducing the LearnPad family…

Now there are three great LearnPad tablets to choose from. Introducing the Octavo 8", Quarto 9.7" and Folio 13.3". Three fantastic award winning educational tablets with a budget to suit all. Now including free access to the LearnPadConnect management portal.

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Engaging, Simple, Safe

LearnPad was the first tablet computer designed specifically for schools. It supports existing curriculum content, has a secure student interface and multiple LearnPads can be managed easily from the web.

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Keep students safe and focused

LearnPad provides a lockdown and customisable student interface. You choose which activities and applications a student can access, maintaining their focus on the activity at hand.

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You don't have to change lesson plans

LearnPad supports the digital resources you know and trust as well as great new engaging apps. It runs Flash websites and will connect to your existing network shares, so students can access their existing resources.

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Ready for class

LearnPad has a web based management portal that allows classroom teacher to easily manage multiple LearnPads, ensuring the devices and activities are ready for the students to use, maximising the time spent teaching.

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As easy as taking a photo

LearnPad uses unique QrKeys to change the profiles and content on the device. Choose from a huge range of pre-defined curriculum profiles, just use the built in camera to snap!

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Get LearnPads for your school

Buy LearnPads from just £149, class sets with storage trolleys, and accessories for your classroom. Find out more

Award Winning Design

LearnPad has won four top industry awards over the last year for its innovative design, ease of use, and its low cost for schools:

ERA 2013 Innovation Award

BETT 2013 Digital Devices Award

ERA 2012 Best Primary Resource Involving ICT

Education Investor 2012 Technology Supplier of the Year

LearnPad Videos

A video introduction to LearnPad and LearnPadConnect

LearnPad Videos

See how simple LearnPad is for both student and teacher in these short demonstration videos.

Controlling LearnPads in Class

See how you can take contol of your LearnPad's in the classroom. Our web-based Dashboard lets you send resources to all of your tablets and suspend the tablets to regain the students attention.

The LearnPad Resource Store

Choose from over 700 curriculum-aligned activities from our educational resources store. Send free subject and topic based profiles straight to your tablets for evaluation then copy and modify them to fit your lesson plan.

Managing Resources & Creating Profiles

Bring all of your lesson plan's digital resources together into a LearnPad profile and distribute it to your student's tablets wirelessly. Our web-based management portal has a simple drag-and-drop interface, which makes it easy to use for all staff.

LearnPad for Primary

Educating students aged 2 - 11

LearnPad for Primary

Primary school kids love LearnPad's simplicity and are learning from the moment they pick it up.

LearnPad allows a whole new area of engagement for very young children, even from the age of two. LearnPad's intuitive and secure user interface and touch screen means young children, previously unable to interact with PCs and content, can easily work with engaging content such as colour recognition, shapes and patterns, nursery rhymes and 'read-to-me' stories and animations. Additionally, using LearnPad at such an early age allows children to familiarise themselves with touch sensitive devices and technology, which will undoubtedly be a part of their future lives.

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LearnPad for Secondary

Educating students aged 11 - 18

LearnPad for Secondary

High school pupils love the power of LearnPad and are quick to take advantage of this cutting-edge tablet computer.

LearnPad offers unrivalled connectivity, customisation and support for existing curriculum aligned content and resources. Easily connect to existing network shares to access home folders and documents; create or edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, then save them right back to the network share. Connect external USB devices, including keyboards or memory sticks, or hook LearnPad up to a projector or external screen for presentations.

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LearnPad for SEN

Educating students with special needs

LearnPad for SEN

LearnPad is an accessible and flexible learning tool for students of all abilities, from remedial to gifted.

LearnPad truly unlocks new ways of engagement and learning. Many SEN activates are supported, including cause and effect, reactions & timings, memory, creativity and communication. SEN students can fully immerse themselves with LearnPad, providing a truly engaging experience whilst maintaining a safe and secure environment for them to access additional online content.

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LearnPad or iPad?

Getting the most from your tablet computer

LearnPad or iPad?

The iPad is a great device for your home, but in the classroom they can be difficult to manage and proscriptive on educational content.

LearnPad has been designed to easily fit into your classroom and support the curriculum content you already use during your lessons. It connects directly to your existing network shares and supports external devices such as USB keyboards, memory sticks and can be upgraded with external memory cards. LearnPad’s secure interface is fully customisable and teachers can define which activities and applications students can access. Unique custom profiles can be created and deployed to multiple LearnPads, and with LearnPadConnect, teachers have real time control of the LearnPads from a simple to use web interface.

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Android in Education

LearnPad runs on Google Android

Android in Education

LearnPad is a high-spec Android tablet that can be fully unlocked for general use by teachers or IT administrators.

Android was developed by Google specifically for mobile devices and has been adopted by many of the world's leading hardware manufacturers, including Toshiba, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Asus, HTC, Dell and numerous others, giving schools a choice of hardware vendors and prices. Android natively supports the Adobe Flash platform, which accounts for around 95% of the educational content currently used in schools, which means you can keep using the digital resources that are already in your lesson plan.

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2013 BETT Awards Winner

LearnPad has won the prestigious BETT 2013 Digital Devices Award.

Tablets in Education

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